Vegas Party Dresses

Vegas Party Dresses

Night out dress
$295 –

NBD white cocktail dress

Beige dress
$130 –

Black dress

Jane Norman christmas party dress
$46 –

White dress
$59 –

Brown dress

White dress

Bracelet bangle

Vegas Outfit Idea

Lets be honest. My vacation in Singapore took a turn for the worse. So, that was an ordeal. Personal life went downhill.I got myself off facebook and Instagram which was a bad idea. Hello! I major in business communications and fashion merchandising.But again, it had to be done. Things were getting messy and I decided it was better to see no evil and hear no evil. I decided to go to Vegas next weekend. What I really need to do is a weekend detox and spa weekend getaway. But instead I picked up smoking again and now have decided to gamble, drink, and smoke myself to death in Vegas. But as with everything I do in my life, I go big or I go home. On the bright side, I lose 23 pounds in 4 months. Forget Sharon Stone from the Casino. I am thinking Boss-Diva style all the way.

Vegas Outfit Idea

Zara shirts top

10 Crosby Derek Lam blazer

Halston Heritage lined pants
$505 –

Christian Louboutin strappy sandals

Evening clutch

Black white handbag

Nails Inc nail polish
$31 –

Travel like an Angel. Travel with Style with Victoria’s Secret

Travel like an Angel. Travel with Style with Victoria's Secret

Vacation Time-Singapore & Krabi, Thailand

Vacation Time












Le printemps est ma saison

Le printemps est ma saison


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