Last Minute Gifts for That Special Guy

Last Minute Gifts for That Special Guy

Christmas is the time for giving. Men, boys, extraterrestrials, we love them all. If you are a lady boss or just a loving wife, these gifts will rock your man’s world. In my opinion, there are 4 types of guys in this world. The Sports Freak… Ok enthusiast. The Money Bag. The Nerd. The Regular Dude, and oh lordy em good ol’ Country Boy. The regular dude is just that…..regular. Basic. No complications. Just jeans and a t-shirt type of guy. A week’s supply of pizza will be good. Show up with a pack of his favorite beer and a game from RedBox, you are all set. Gifts for The Regular dude is easy. He will love anything.

The sports guy! You cant go wrong with Nike. He will love you endlessly for it. Fifty Shades of Mrs Grey kinky sex…bring the handcuffs already, you got it babe, just keep endorsing me from head to toe with Nike. Im all yours for the taking.

The Money Bags, now thats a Wolf on Wall Street type of guy. Buy him an Armani suit and he might roll his eyes. Forget the ties, he has plenty already. Money Bag guys love watches. Even if he hardly glance at his wrist, and checks the time on his Iphone. He will still bask in the endless compliments he will get from the watch you gave him. The Nerd. Aaarghhhh I love them! Simplicity at its best yet exquisite. Any technological gadget that they can mess around with and reproduce other gadgets with, you are the Queen of their kingdom. Last but not least, sexy wranglers …… blue eyes… muffins… good old dunkin’ donuts… no I meant country boys! Swoon! Its getting hot. A $100 gift card to Cabella’s or Bass Pro shop (not to stereotype) but I just might have dated them all! Ladies, if you are panicking for a last-minute Christmas gift for that special guy in your life. Take my advice! These gifts are legit. While you are at it, bat those beautiful eye lashes of yours and hand them a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.


IMG_3104.JPG Get yours here! KO 2.0 hoodie

Stay tuned for my next post on the best last-minute gifts for HER! Sexy video from Victoria’s Secret of what the Angel in your life wants this Christmas.

Gifts for that special man in your life.

Gifts for that special man in your life.

Winter Kit

Winter Kit

Tory Burch suede boots

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather booties
$215 –

Joules polka dot rubber boots
$63 –

Jaeger scarve
$310 –

Knit scarve

Patrizia Pepe cable knit glove
$85 –

Jack Wills glove
$78 –

Barts pom beanie
$47 –

Eastex pink scarve
$40 –

Lipsy fur earmuff
$32 –

Lipsy cable knit beanie hat
$22 –


As the year comes to yet another close, I have less than 10 months to give it my all before internship applications get submitted.I just realized keeping a 4.0 in university is really hard. It comes naturally for others, whereas it takes days on end for me to keep mine. I relentlessly hold on to my 4.0 like a death grip. Why is it so important to me? It has been a dream of mine to someday work for L Brands Inc. L Brands own Victoria’s Secret,PINK,Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel and La Senza. World class beauty and lingerie industry. I know it is still too early to start looking for the perfect internship interview outfit. I want it to speak on behalf of my first impression. Too much skin, and they think you are a porn star. Too conservative, and they tell you the church is that way. So being in an interview room with lingerie moguls or any HR if you were not in my position, what would you wear? The combo of black+ white works. However, I believe white empowers the mind and the soul. Black makes you feel powerful enouh to conquer the prize. Good old black+ white combo never fails. But it is too boring for me. The outfits below on the other hand spell Control and Power.That is exactly how I hope to feel at the interviews even if my heart refuses to stop beating so fast.









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décorer avec des fleurs

décorer avec des fleurs

Rainbow Club flat shoes
$360 –

Peep-toe booties

Bridal shoes

Qupid shoes

Alexander McQueen clutch

KOTUR pink handbag

KOTUR pink handbag

Fall/Winter Floral Obsessions

Fall/Winter Floral Obsessions

Floral clutch

KOTUR red clutch

Henri bendel purse

River Island long strap bag
$88 –

Forever New floral print backpack
$44 –

Lipsy miniature purse
$51 –


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